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Right now I have three active projects, my dance music project XR1300 and my brand new ambient/drone project Abandoned Shorelines. And... presenting... my new experimental/noise project Sarkeesian!

Oscuridad75 Records is the home of Abandoned Shorelines, XR1300, Rural Citizens Band, and Akibare. We will soon be one of the latest netlabels included at the Internet Archive. Look proud! (3 years later and my lazy ass still hasn't signed up for this. Oooops!)

Oscuridad is the Spanish word for "shadows" and 1975 is for the year Brian Eno released Discreet Music.

Currently we have the following albums available online for free download:

Abandoned Shorelines  |  Sarkeesian  |  XR1300  |  Rural Citizens Band  |  Akibare



Abandoned Shorelines [ambient/drone/minimalism]

Glass Drone  

Glass Drone

catalogue number: OSC037AS001LP84:00
released: 13 March 2016
total time: 84:00
Shore Drone  

Shore Drone [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC038AS002LP75:07
released: 13 April 2016
total time: 75:07
Lone Drone  

Lone Drone

catalogue number: OSC040AS003LP90:42
released: 13 June 2016
total time: 90:42
Pink Drone  

Pink Drone

catalogue number: OSC042AS004LP79:18
released: 13 August 2016
total time: 79:18
Animal Drone  

Animal Drone

catalogue number: OSC046AS005LP71:41
released: 19 November 2016
total time: 71:41
The Sheltering Sand  

The Sheltering Sand

catalogue number: OSC047AS006LP115:11
released: Christmas 2016
total time: 115:11
Kaleidoscope Drone  

Kaleidoscope Drone [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC049AS007LP87:57
released: 13 February 2017
total time: 87:57
Future Drone  

Future Drone

catalogue number: OSC051AS008LP67:57
released: 13 April 2017
total time: 67:07
A Season With The Brain Police Redux  

A Season With The Brain Police Redux

catalogue number: OSC053AS009LP157:45
released: 13 June 2017
total time: 157:45
Tomboy Drone  

Tomboy Drone

catalogue number: OSC054AS010LP141:04
released: 13 August 2017
total time: 141:04
Dreams of a Lost City  

Dreams of a Lost City

catalogue number: OSC055AS011LP135:47
released: 13 October 2017
total time: 135:47
Life in a Velvet Sky  

Life in a Velvet Sky

catalogue number: OSC056AS012LP149:56
released: 13 March 2018
total time: 149:56
We Mend Our Broken Bones  

We Mend Our Broken Bones

catalogue number: OSC058AS013LP102:48
released: 13 September 2019
total time: 102:48
Farewell From The Lighthouse  

Farewell From The Lighthouse [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC059AS014LP296:17
released: 13 June 2020
total time: 296:17



Sarkeesian [noise/experimental]

Brother Curtis e.p.  

Brother Curtis e.p. [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC044SK001EP30:37
Released: 13 September 2016
Length: 30:37



XR1300 [electro/dance]

Love Won't Get Us Where We're Going  

Love Won't Get Us Where We're Going [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC011XR001LP73:37
Released: 26 June 2013 (Remastered: 4 January 2015)
Length: 73:37
Surrender is not the answer  

Surrender is not the answer [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC014XR002LP75:37
Released: 30 December 2013 (Remastered: 3 January 2015)
Length: 75:37
Remixed and Remade  

Remixed and Remade [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC018XR003EP45:47
Released: 22 June 2014
Length: 45:47
La Giardino di Gigli Rosa  

La Giardino di Gigli Rosa [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC025XR004LP79:37
Released: 1 March 2015
Length: 79:37
Rose Fioriscono Di Nuovo  

Rose Fioriscono Di Nuovo [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC030XR005LP53:59
Released: 13 August 2015
Length: 53:59
Xambient — The RCB Remixes  

Xambient — The RCB Remixes [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC031XR006LP65:47
Released: 13 September 2015
Length: 65:47
Rose Fioriscono Di Nuovo II  

Rose Fioriscono Di Nuovo II [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC032XR007LP56:17
Released: 13 October 2015
Length: 56:17
Xambient II — More RCB Remixes  

Xambient II — More RCB Remixes [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC033XR008LP79:37
Released: 13 November 2015
Length: 79:17
Some Old Drones  

Some Old Drones [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC034XR009LP79:17
Released: 13 December 2015
Length: 79:17
A Place Without Tears  

A Place Without Tears [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC035XR010LP78:57
Released: 13 January 2016
Length: 78:57
Disquisitions Upon Fucking  

Disquisitions Upon Fucking [explicit]

Catalogue number: OSC036XR011LP79:37
Released: 13 February 2016
Length: 79:37
A Dream of a Lost City  

A Dream of a Lost City [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC039XR012LP141:47
released: 13 May 2016
total time: 141:47
Bathed In Blue Distance  

Bathed In Blue Distance [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC041XR013LP72:17
released: 13 July 2016
total time: 72:17
a season with the brain police  

a season with the brain police

catalogue number: OSC043XR014LP45:27
released: 13 September 2016
total time: 45:27
Intercrural Love E.P.  

Intercrural Love E.P.

catalogue number: OSC045XR015LP52:47
released: 19 November 2016
total time: 52:47
Frayed Sounds of a Distant City  

Frayed Sounds of a Distant City [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC048XR016LP76:37
released: New Years Day 2017
total time: 76:37
The Sporting House Fire of 1912  

The Sporting House Fire of 1912 [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC050XR017LP55:17
released: 13 March 2017
total time: 55:17
The Sheltering Sand Remixed  

The Sheltering Sand Remixed

catalogue number: OSC052XR018LP45:57
released: 13 June 2017
total time: 45:57
Velvet Skies Remix  

Velvet Skies Remix [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC057XR019LP92:57
released: 13 July 2018
total time: 92:57
We Remix Our Broken Bones  

We Remix Our Broken Bones [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC059XR020LP70:07
released: 13 December 2019
total time: 70:07



Rural Citizens Band [ambient/minimalism/drone] —— retired

Rural Citizens Band l.p.  

Rural Citizens Band 1st LP [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC001RCB001LP35:29
Released: various dates throughout Jan - Aug 2007
Length: 35:29
The Elizabeth Bishop l.p.  

The Elizabeth Bishop LP [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC002RCB002LP56:50
Released: 31 May 2008
Length: 56:50
Echoes of the Neighborhood  

Echoes of the Neighborhood [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC003RCB003LP52:51
Released: Early 2009
Length: 52:51
Starlight on the Skyline  

Starlight on the Skyline [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC004RCB004LP58:01
Released: 7 January 2010
Length: 58:01
Era Notte  

Era Notte [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC005RCB005LP56:33
Released: 30 August 2011
Length: 56:33
La Teodicea di Odio  

La Teodicea di Odio [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC006RCB006LP60:13
Released: 4 November 2012
Length: 60:13
Paesaggio da Sogno  

Paesaggio da Sogno [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC007RCB007LP62:43
Released: Christmas 2012
Length: 62:43

VIII [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC008RCB008LP79:04
Released: 10 January 2013
Length: 79:04
Deeper Into Space  

Deeper Into Space

catalogue number: OSC011RCB009LP159:30
Released: 30 June 2013
Length: 159:30


catalogue number: OSC012RCB010LP79:51
Released: 30 July 2013
Length: 79:51


catalogue number: OSC013RCB011LP79:53
Released: 30 August 2013
Length: 79:53


catalogue number: OSC015RCB012LP79:30
Released: 3 February 2014
Length: 79:30

Seasondrones [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC016RCB013LP79:28
Released: 3 March 2014
Length: 79:28
City of Sleeping Lights  

City of Sleeping Lights [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC017RCB014LP79:44
Released: 4 April 2014
Length: 79:44


catalogue number: OSC019RCB015LP79:46
Released: 13 July 2014
Regret is an Empty Garden  

Regret is an Empty Garden [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC020RCB016LP64:19
Released: 27 October 2014
Length: 64:19


catalogue number: OSC021RCB017LP54:22
Released: 30 November 2014
Length: 54:22


catalogue number: OSC022RCB018LP79:30
Released: Christmas 2014
Length: 79:30
The Best of RCB  

The Best of RCB [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC023RCB019LP156:35
Released: 1 January 2015
Length: 156:35
The Rest of RCB  

The Rest of RCB [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC024RCB020LP79:41
Released: 1 February 2015
Length: 79:41


catalogue number: OSC026RCB021LP79:45
Released: 13 April 2015
Length: 79:45

Erosdrone [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC027RCB022LP75:00
Released: 13 June 2015
Length: 75:00
Travelogue of the 80s  

Travelogue of the 80s

catalogue number: OSC028RCB023LP77:04
Released: 13 July 2015
Length: 77:04


catalogue number: OSC029RCB024LP79:13
Released: 13 August 2015
Length: 79:13
Best of the XR1300 remixes  

Best of the XR1300 Remixes [explicit]

catalogue number: OSC038RCB0025LP128:37
Released: 13 February 2016
Length: 128:37



Akibare [harsh noise] —— retired

First Sunrise of Autumn  

First Sunrise of Autumn

Catalogue Number: OSC009AKB001LP76:40
Released: 6 April 2013
Length: 76:40
Last Sunset of Autumn  

Last Sunset of Autumn

Catalogue Number: OSC037AKB002LP67:50
Released: 13 February 2016


Last updated: Sat. 13 June 2020

Legal crap

We are releasing these recordings under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. You're free to post these files on P2P, usenet, your homepage, etc. All that I ask is that you credit me  (with the name XR1300, Rural Citizens Band or Akibare), and leave the ID3 tags as is. Please do not change them in any way, as this is a major way I credit myself for the work.

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